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Round House Music
Individual Lessons

Activities centre primarily around teaching of violin, viola, piano and theory with the objective progressing through the various stages of the The Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music Examinations.

There really is no age limit to when to start or perhaps pick up something that was perhaps abandoned during the "distractions" of study, work, parenthood or just had no time. Pupils in fact range from tiny tots of 5 years or less to Senior Citizens, from absolute beginners to those soon to possibly move on to a career in music.

Consequently lessons can usually be arranged to accommodate your work, family or just free time schedule. Similarly, depending on your individual needs lesson duration can also fit your needs.

Schedule of Lessons and fees
Depending upon availability, lessons are available from 0900 to 1900 Monday through Friday and are based upon a "module" of a 30 minute lesson. Other durations are available and the fee is pro rata from the 30 minute module.

Fees are 20.00 per 30 minute lesson. All fees are payable upon completion of each lesson unless other arrangements have been mutually agreed. These can include monthly payment, payment by bank direct credit transfer.
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